Health and Wellness

Ibang/Walk – New Program
Come and rock out your workout with cardio drumming fitness. Join this lively exercise class that utilizes dance moves and cardio intervals with the fun of drumming.

This workout is a 45 minute series. You can burn between 600-900 calories per hour, strengthen and sculpt muscles and drum your way to a leaner, slimmer you all while rocking out to great music. Class now incorporates high intensity walking! This class is great for all ages and levels. This is a no contact program.

Drop-in fee available for $15 per class- payable to the instructor (cash only). Drop-in students must have their own equipment (65 cm exercise ball, bucket and drumsticks)

Ages 8 & Older          $45         7 week s
Village Hall, Lower Level Room 2

12704-02     Friday            6:30-7:30 pm        May 7-June 18
12704-03     Saturday        9:30-10:30 am       Mar 13-Apr 24
12704-04     Saturday        9:30-10:30 am       May 8-June 19

Cheer4LYFE – New!
Program is led by Shaunita Jones. Cheer4Lyfe is more than cheerleading it’s a LYFESTYLE! LYFE is Loving Your Full Existence! LYFE is Losing Your Fitness Excuses! LYFE is Living Your Fulfilled Elevation! LYFE is Love, Youthfulness, Favor and Excellence! Participants will learn various aspects of cheer and how to use this positive energy in their daily routines. There will be an end of season showcase so friends and family can experience what you've learned.

Ages 4-12                $70      6 weeks
Recreation Center, Lower Level
13017-01   Saturday   10-11 am   May 22-June 26

Ages 13-18              $70       6 weeks
Recreation Center, Lower Level
13017-02   Saturday   11 am-12 pm   May 22-June 26

Ages 19 & Older      $70       6 weeks
Recreation Center, Lower Level
13017-03   Friday   10-11 am   May 21-June 25