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Park Forest's Sustainability Plan is a road map for the Village to examine many different topic areas related to sustainability and the 3 Es: environment, economy and equity. For the purposes of Park Forest's sustainability plan, five key themes have been identified as overarching categories: planning and design, natural systems, and energy and climate relate most directly to the environment, economic development relates most directly to the economy, and equity and social relates most directly to the equity of the Village.

Park Forest's Bike & Pedestrian Plan


Park Forest’s Bike and Pedestrian Plan makes recommendations for nine different facility types to create a comprehensive network of bicycle and pedestrian facilities in Park Forest. The nine facility types include: multi-use trails, sidepaths, bike lanes, shared lanes/sharrows, signed routes, sidewalks, cut-throughs, intersection treatments, and way-finding and directional signage. The recommendations include a description of the facility, design guidelines, typical cross-sections and recommended routes by priority with many diagrams, photos and mapped locations in the Village.

Park Forest's Climate Action and Resiliency Plan 

Climate Action Resilience PlanThe Climate Action and Resilience Plan aims to respond to the environmental changes expected in the coming years and combat those changes with actions that minimize their impacts. 

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